LaundraPak Licensing Opportunity

Unfortunately, LaundraPak is no longer being sold
in stores or online. Thank you for your interest.

The LaundraPak™ Over-The-Door Laundry Backpack was designed to streamline the laundry process for people living in dorms and apartments. Laundry is a difficult and cumbersome task for most college students and urban apartment dwellers. LaundraPak eases this burden by providing an efficient storage solution as well as a convenient and comfortable carrying solution in a high-capacity, low-priced backpack designed for short trips.

1. View Video of LaundraPak on QVC

2. Read Open Letter to Potential Licensees (PDF, 2 pp)

3. Read LaundraPak Press Articles (PDF, 3 pp)

4. Marketing Flyer (PDF, 1 pp)

5. To learn more about how LaundraPak was developed read the article below.
"Bringing LaundraPak to Life: How I Brought My Product to Market" (PDF, 6 pp.)

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